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About being lucky
Klover was imagined by David Fox, where his early inspiration came from the very lucky four leafed clover. A natural shape that blossoms from the earth, soft, organic, easy on the eye as it grows.
Used singularly or as a “meadow” the Klover stool, and table can be used as a compliment to any workplace / hospitality / or hotel environments.
“Klover is about fun, bringing splashes of colour, and form to a multitude of spaces and environments, the soft wrinkling and piping adds a very current aesthetic appeal to the product, whist remaining pure and logical to its form and inspiration, I loved designing the product so simple yet effective !!” says David Fox.
Klover brings emotion to upholstered furniture and from the organic design of Klover, there arises a unique form of Nature. Klover is a collection of stools conceived as a complement for environments, that enables the creation of common places in collective spaces. Once more this can be used in a multitude of Environments, home, hotel, or office, the soft crinkled upholstery gives it that huggable feeling, where the hard edges of the table offer a nice contrast. With Klover, deberenn enhances the options for different sensory, joyful, colourist and comfortable spaces.

design by david fox