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Get a plus!
Plus is a versatile collection of chairs that combines diverse types of mono-shells with different frames. With a simple but functional design, this highly customizable chair allows a wide range of use, both in private and public spaces. Plus collection includes different versions to meet all requirements; a chair version with a wire frame, a chair with armrests and four legs and a barstool.
The comfortable and suitable Plus chair has been designed to support your back and adapt to your posture. Its polyurethane structure is available in different colours whereas its metal frame comes in polished chrome or same colour with the structure, to provide maximum visual impact in variety of spaces. With its style and practicality, it is ideal chair for homes, community interiors, cafés, waiting and dining areas and where space is premium, as it conveniently can be vertically stacked on top of each other. The stacked chairs are centred by this element consisting of highquality plastic, and the metal parts of the delicate frame are protected.

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