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deberenn exemplifies international quality through its’ design and production of chairs and sofas for all contract furniture projects. We offer a wide range of activity-based seating arrangements for offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants or any lounge areas needed.

Our seating collection is a comfortable answer to the many needs of our customers, by offering different solutions characterized by innovative comfort, ergonomics, wellness, design and materials.

Aesthetics, beauty, resistance and versatility of use are adjectives which best describe our seating collection, where quality and functionality is the first step for first-rate product designs.

Each product family allows a display of individual interior concepts contributing to the corporate identity of our business. Our products are designed in such a way that they can be customized to meet special customer requirements. Even in large-scale orders, we are able to develop and implement special solutions quickly and efficiently. Our customers' requirements and wishes are, in fact, a constant source of valuable ideas for developing new products.

deberenn has become a leader among our competitors as we increase our market and brand recognition with Turkish and foreign designers such as David Fox, Christophe Pillet, Bartoli Design, Esat Fişek, Farm Design and Bona Design. These experienced freelance architects have become a part of studio deberenn, a research and design group behind all of our interior designs. By using different colors and fabric material, our interior designers are able to understand the needs of our market, creating new collections and helping us target not only offices but every type of contract projects.

These new designs come as a result of what we think.
A good design is based upon a synthesis of material, function, aesthetics, cost and flexibility. An experienced production team crafts these designs into reality by displaying their skills and adding quality to our company culture.

Our latest philosophy explains that we are always ‘crafting beautiful solutions through constant evolution’. This vision describes our latest collection, which is always pursuing reachable designs while keeping the costs payable, but never ignoring the quality and design aspect.


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