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hendrix soft

Designed by David Fox, Hendrix chair expresses a style of funk and soul.
Iconic shapes and imagery are the source of inspiration for this range of products. As the more generously proportioned older brother, it is suited to a lounging area with a higher back, and a rounded headrest that offers privacy for making calls on a mobile phone, in larger public space areas. Fluidity is the key with Hendrix, the wine glass shaped stem flows into the seats under its curve, blending in a positive direction until it meets its 'iconic fringe line' connection, where the headrest meets the main body of the chair.

Laser formed steel four star bases, elevate the product from the floor,
swiveling so a user can move away from a meeting situation for further privacy. The wooden base option widen the usage of the product, now Hendrix is suitable not only for the offices but also hotels and homes. Wine table is a smart solution to have your drink and central coffee table with the same design character, completes the range.

design by david fox