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Semi private sanctuary
Chalet is designed by David Fox, and supports the way we work in the changing workspace. “High backed sofas are a great way of breaking up a corporate space, but what of you wanted something a little more personal / flexible. Chalet acts like a semi private shell in which the user can make their own interior by placing in there sofas / meeting chairs and tables or more comfortable lounge chairs. A chalet is a retreat where you can work or relax. The choice of aesthetic is simple, so it blends into its environment gracefully, the product can be upholstered in bold colors or patterns, and the wooden semi private screens suite with other wood based products in the deberenn portfolio” says David Fox.
Chalet is a workplace retreat, it’s a flexible yet simple product, that offers a semi private sanctuary in open plan offices, used singularly or placed side by side. Vented screens make the structure appear lighter, whilst shadowing the people sitting behind them, so externally you visually can`t quite compute what people are doing. How you create the inside of your chalet is up to you, small sofas can be placed in there, meeting chairs, and a table. Lounge chairs for a more relaxed environment.

design by david fox